12 AUTUMN//WINTER 2018 NAME: Andy Dorman COMPANY: Biz+ Stationery Superstores JOB TITLE: Managing Director ACHIEVEMENTS: Heads up an independent out-of-town stationery and office supplies store with a team of six. Plans to open 10 more stores in the medium term. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: I am not familiar with the company but it clearly has a good following with very good reviews. JF: He must possess real leadership and managerial skills to oversee the team’s six members of staff and to run the business at a profit, as the person nominating him describes. NAME: Gemma Bassett COMPANY: Sinclairs JOB TITLE: Marketing Manager ACHIEVEMENTS: She has made a significant impact on the look and feel of Sinclairs products since taking up the role in 2017. She managed Sinclairs’ first experience exhibiting at Paperworld and has transformed the brand’s social media marketing strategy. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: Great achievement.A good, solid candidate who is excelling in her role. DI:Very impressive range of stationery.Although not right for our audience, the range has a fresh, modern feel. JF: Gemma was nominated by her manager, who clearly views her as an integral and valuable member of the team.The fact that she brought two shopping bags full of her own notebook collection to her job interview shows she has a passion for the products she’s working with! She has the ability to take the initiative, and to lead when the opportunity arises. NAME: Bonita Ebuehi COMPANY: Bonita Ivie Prints JOB TITLE: Founder, Designer ACHIEVEMENTS: Set up her own company to design and market greeting cards that reflect black British culture. She was motivated by a lack of diversity in the industry. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS:Well done, a great effort. JF: I would have liked to have seen more supporting material of Bonita’s products. However, as the founder and designer of Afro- inspired paper goods for her own company, she’s successfully carving out an under-represented space in the stationery industry. NAME: Georgie Sturge COMPANY: Pukka Pad JOB TITLE: Graphic Designer ACHIEVEMENTS: Key member of the in- house design team which creates all Pukka Pad artwork. She has streamlined the brand and made it current to Pukka’s demographic, including collaborating on the award-winning Interactive Colouring Book 4D. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: Sounds like a great supporter of the Pukka brand. JF: Her nomination by a team mate reveals a creative individual who can turn her hand to anything required. Her enthusiasm to create and promote recyclable products is commendable. NAME: Charlie Reid COMPANY: Egan Reid Stationery Co Ltd JOB TITLE: Sales Manager ACHIEVEMENTS: Worked his way up the family business for the past six years, being promoted to sales manager two years ago, with overall responsibility for field sales performance and managing his own end-user accounts and projects. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: Charlie has demonstrated clear potential to grow Egan Reid by opening up new opportunities as shown by him championing new product categories. JF: He’s obviously a valued member of the team, respected for his professional attitude and for the youthful enthusiasm he brings to the office floor.An asset to the family business. NAME: Imanina Hamzah COMPANY: Not Only Polka Dots JOB TITLE: Founder, Designer, Maker ACHIEVEMENTS: A LaunchPad London winner for her range of pencils, notebooks, calendars and greeting cards, which she has been developing for the past four years. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS:Well done, love the product. DI: Impressive range of stationery, she has created a clear identity. JF: Imanina must be enterprising and resourceful to run her fledgling business all by herself from home. Her designs are cute and quirky and she promotes them well on her website with a shop front and through social media. NAME: Callum Edwards COMPANY: Prima Software JOB TITLE: Digital Marketing Manager ACHIEVEMENTS: Rebranded the company in 2017 and contributed to growing Prima’s turnover by 19.5% in 2017. Employee of theYear in 2017/18 and shortlisted for Halton Business Awards Marketing Excellence Award 2018. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI:An impressive set of achievements, especially in social media. Callum has shown quite a wide set of skills from office design to making excellent use of social media and developing marketing plans.Very impressive. JF: In just two years with the company, 21-year-old Callum seems to have made his mark by contributing to Prima’s growth, and by winning several industry awards. NAME: Holly Allen COMPANY: Pukka Pad JOB TITLE: Marketing Brand Manager ACHIEVEMENTS: Transformed the brand’s marketing strategy with an emphasis on engaging with the end user via social media. She has increased engagement on all social channels, with particular success on Instagram, with a 6% follower increase per month. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: JF: It sounds like Holly has already made a significant impact on Pukka Pad’s marketing since joining in April. Her methods of engaging consumers via social media are creative and fun. I would have liked to have seen some actual examples of work with her entry – links to her successful campaigns on Instagram for example. NAME: Dan Shorthouse COMPANY: Small Man Media JOB TITLE: PR Executive ACHIEVEMENTS: Generated over £2m worth of PR coverage for six stationery brands, implemented successful campaigns including the Cross Pen Hunt, helped to launch World Calligraphy Day, and has worked on three successive National Stationery Week campaigns. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: I am familiar with he work of SMM and Dan seems to have made a very positive impact for his clients. JF: Dan is a credit to the Small Man team. In three years at SMM he has generated great coverage for his stationery clients and has been a key driver in the marketing success of National Stationery Week. NAME: Jamie Mitchell COMPANY: Ohh Deer JOB TITLE: Co-founder, Creative Director ACHIEVEMENTS: Founded a stationery business that aimed to give illustrators a platform to showcase their designs. Built a huge social media community which helped build the brand. Ohh Deer cards are found in many high-street shops.Also created bespoke collections for companies including Urban Outfitters and Tate Galleries. Ohh Deer are Louie Award winners and the brand has two Reta-nominated shops in Loughborough and Ipswich. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: He has achieved a very extensive distribution network since launching the business. He’s created a great 360 degree brand.Terrific achievement, a stand-out performer. DI:A brand I am aware of. Impressive work. I like the idea behind Ohh Deer in supporting illustrators and with the UK focus as well. Clearly Jamie has done something right by getting into such a high- profile set of retailers as Waterstones, John Lewis and Selfridges. JF: Jamie created an inspirational business model founded on providing a platform for illustrators to showcase their work. NAME: Gabi Cox COMPANY: Chroma Stationery JOB TITLE: Founder and CEO ACHIEVEMENTS: Created Chroma in 2014 while still at university and funded her first collection with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since 2016 has branched out into the B2B market, and has recently launched a stationery subscription box, Scribe. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: Looks like a brilliant achievement. DI: Personalisation is clearly a big thing right now and so this taps into that market. JF: Gabi has the attitude and drive to succeed. I’m particularly impressed by her passion for the role female entrepreneurs are playing, and the importance she puts on her products’ UK-made credentials. NAME: Cherelle Brown COMPANY: Kitsch Noir JOB TITLE: Founder ACHIEVEMENTS: Set up a card and gifts company to ‘celebrate the love and enjoyment of the black British experience.’ Her cards are now available in Paperchase across the UK. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: JF:A really fun, cheeky and cool selection of cards from Cherelle, who like another of our entries, spotted a lack of diversity in the industry and is doing a great job of filling that gap. Her vision to spread positivity and humour while retaining her brand’s core message is applaudable. DI:The lack of diversity isn’t something I had considered and I felt that Kitsch Noir tackled it successfully. NAME: Jacob Peatfield COMPANY: High Meadows Stationery JOB TITLE: Founder ACHIEVEMENTS: Runs the business single- handedly since founding High Meadows in August 2017. He manufactures and wholesales his products internationally to well-known stores including Papersmiths in the UK and CW Pencils in NewYork.A LaunchPad London winner in 2017. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: Exquisite work and terrific performance! DI:A high score because of the sheer personal input Jacob has. JF: I’m impressed at how Jacob has already won industry awards and his products are on sale in some of the coolest stationery boutiques in the UK and internationally. He’s a switched on person whose design skills and self-promotional know-how should ensure he takes his brand to the next level. NAME: Emma Farley COMPANY: A Cornish Geek JOB TITLE: Blog Founder ACHIEVEMENTS: Through her blog she supports major consumer initiatives in the industry including National Stationery Week, World Calligraphy Day and World Letter Writing Day, and is brand ambassador for BusyB. One of the Class of 2017 Thirty Under 30. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS:A good blog. DI: Maybe no great surprise that I have come across Emma, and she has reviewed for us before. She is clearly very positive and active in the stationery world. JF: Emma is a true ambassador for stationery and why we all need it in our lives. Her blog is obviously very successful.Already a stationery influencer. NAME: Jess Howell COMPANY: Rumble Cards JOB TITLE: Founder, Designer ACHIEVEMENTS: From its beginnings on Etsy, Rumble Cards now finds its cards stocked in Scribbler and Urban Outfitters. She has exhibited at PG Live in 2018. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: Jess has clearly carved out a very definite identity for her work and it is good to see someone progressing so well from a hobby to a full- time business. JF: Jess has thrown herself into her business with gusto, learning by doing.The path she describes reveals her determination to succeed and to grab every opportunity.The fact she has invested in exhibiting at a trade show reveals she understands the importance of learning how the industry works and finding new routes to market. STAR CHOICE STAR CHOICE STAR CHOICE