AUTUMN//WINTER 2018 27 26 AUTUMN//WINTER 2018 1. Pencil Pouch by Walk With Me This pouch is made from one piece of recycled leather. It’s sturdy and the fresh-paint white can be wiped clean. 2. Brass Pen Holder by Rama This brass pen holder clips onto the side of a notebook, keeping my pen safe. I’m a magpie and I love shiny things and anything golden. 3. Pocket Mechanical Pencil by Furst and Iven I always carry a pocket mechanical pencil with me. I found these in a bookshop in Berlin one frosty January morning. Mesmerised by the built-in pencil sharpener, I knew these would become a Papersmiths staple. I even placed an ad in Private Eye at the time advertising them! I was convinced we could become mechanical pencil millionaires. 4. Pencil Ball Pen by OHTO This pen has a super thin refill in gel ink so it flows beautifully with no scratching. I’m a fan of the unexpected and the fact that this is a pen in disguise as a pencil brings a smile to my face. 5. Safari Fountain Pen by Lamy A smooth flowing fountain pen from our friends at Lamy. It’s my everyday writing tool. 6. Brass Lilliput Fountain Pen by Kaweco This is my most adored item of stationery. The Lilliput was the smallest fountain pen to hold a standard-size ink cartridge when it first came onto the market in 1908. The tactility of the wiggle form of the brass casing and how the finish gently tarnishes with age is pleasing. I’ve written the speech for my best friend’s wedding, penned love letters and signed the leases for our Brighton and Shoreditch shops with this pen. 7. Convertor by Kaweco I use a convertor and bottled ink in my fountain pens to reduce my use of plastic. I love changing ink colours and creating a new blend while the pigment finds its way through the fountain pen mechanism. 8. D-Clips by Midori There are always paperclips in my pencil case and usually at the bottom of my handbag too. My lifestyle means I can’t have a dog (yet!) so these little guys keep me company instead. 9. Round Brass Sharpener by M&R This sharpener has two holes, one for standard pencils and another for chunkies. It’s weighty and the blade is replaceable so it gets a tick for its green credentials. Much better than a plastic version! I keep one in my makeup bag, too. 10. Terracotta Ruler by Standardgraph I found this in Barcelona and it became the foundation of our Mars Orange collection this summer, which included lots of orange notebooks and writing instruments. 11. Touch Brush Pens by Pentel I love colour and am fascinated by colour therapy. I’ll often add colour to my to-do lists and plans. Here I have blue for clarity in my communication and yellow to bring action and a ray of sunshine. In a new feature for Stationery Matters, editor JULIA FAIERS asks a stationery professional to lay bare the contents of their pencil case and explain how each piece earned its precious place.The first to open up is Sidonie Warren, co-founder of Papersmiths. 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 7 8 11 10 Unzipped SIDONIE and her business partner Kyle Clarke founded Papersmiths in 2011 as a design studio. In 2013 the duo decided to open their tiny studio space up to the public and started selling the stationery and paper goods they used in their design practice. And so Papersmiths was born. Today they have stores in Shoreditch, Bristol and Brighton. Their fourth location, and London flagship, opens on Pavilion Road in Chelsea in September 2018. Sidonie’s role sees her sourcing stationery from designers and makers across the globe and this year she is developing the first range of Papersmiths own-brand products. Here she describes what’s in her pencil case and why it belongs in her personal stationery collection: Are the contents of your pencil case worthy of scrutiny in Unzipped? Share the stories behind your favourite stationery with the readers of Stationery Matters. Email Julia at