14 AUTUMN//WINTER 2018 NAME: Joseph Thomas COMPANY: Prima Software JOB TITLE: Assistant Onboarding Manager ACHIEVEMENTS: Became involved with the development of the company’s apprenticeship scheme, in addition to his role as customer support supervisor, and more recently as assistant onboarding manager. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: I’m not familiar with Prima Software or its use in the stationery world.An impressive track record, though. JF: Joseph’s involvement with the company’s apprenticeship scheme reveals an awareness of helping others to maximise opportunities. His enthusiasm to pursue professional training shows ambition to succeed, both for himself, and for his company. NAME: Monique Basil-Wright COMPANY: The Wright Planner & Stationery JOB TITLE: Founder, Designer ACHIEVEMENTS: Runs her planner design company alongside her freelance PA business. She designs customisable planners from the ground up, which she creates to help simplify and organise the lives of her clients. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI:A competitive field.There are a lot of journals/planners appearing in the market so competition is quite high.To stand out it needs to have something special. Not sure this stood out for me.That said, it is an interesting product. JF:This seems like a business it its very early days. However, it shows signs of being an exciting new venture and Monique is clued up about promoting her new product on social media. I’m particularly impressed by her use of upcycled materials - it’s the first time I’ve heard of recycled skateboard veneer being used in stationery, so top marks for innovation. Monique has a good product here, and she displays the determination to succeed. NAME: Sian Towner COMPANY: Castelli JOB TITLE: Art Worker ACHIEVEMENTS: Started out on the corporate side of the business, and has since started to shine in retail design. She has self-funded a Graphic Design training course, achieving a distinction for the advanced diploma. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI:We have known Castelli for many years and their recent reinvention for the retail market is very inspiring.They have created a real identity and done so by keeping it clear and simple. I don’t know Sian but clearly her input/role with this is crucial. JF:A highly driven person who brings all her passion for design to her creative role at Castelli. I’m particularly impressed at her attitude to pursuing training opportunities outside of work. And we have one honorary candidate, someone whose contribution to increasing the exposure of the stationery industry cannot be denied. Since his Love Island win this summer, Jack Fincham, a former sales director at DMG Office Supplies, can now be found discussing the latest stationery trends on ITV’s This Morning, or talking about his love of pens in a Stationery Q&A at the Tottenham Court Road branch of Paperchase. So, Jack Fincham,Winner of Love Island 2018 and pen salesman, we salute you for your services to stationery! NAME: Katie Noakes COMPANY: London Calligraphy JOB TITLE: Founder, Calligrapher, Designer ACHIEVEMENTS: Creates calligraphy for luxury brands, weddings and special events at home and worldwide, including at Buckingham Palace. Shares her expertise through a range of calligraphy and handwriting classes. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: Beautiful work, and clearly doing very good business with an impressive client list. SS: Super achievement and style! JF: Katie’s mastery of the art of calligraphy is evident from her Instagram posts. I’m impressed by her ability to combine her teaching commitments with her calligraphy commissions. NAME: Kaushal Shah COMPANY: Paper Plus Europe JOB TITLE: Founder ACHIEVEMENTS: Researched and produced environmentally friendly paper and packaging materials made from sugarcane fibre, a waste product of agriculture. He sells EnvoPap to the European market. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: He’s carried out a brilliant, extensive job without much experience. Kaushal is so enthusiastic, he’s done extremely well.A stand-out candidate for me – what an amazing achievement! DI:A very interesting product from Kaushal. Sustainability is rightly (and belatedly) being taken more seriously and needs to permeate through the industry. JF: Kaushal’s enthusiasm for his product and vision for how to develop his business is very impressive. He has recognised the importance of entering awards as a way of achieving greater visibility for his environmentally sustainable product and I feel he deserves to be noticed and supported with his ambitions. NAME: Kirstie Gilleade COMPANY: Mayblossoming JOB TITLE: Founder, Illustrator ACHIEVEMENTS: Took her ‘happy’ illustrations into stationery at the beginning of 2017 and a LaunchPad Manchester winner just a few months later.As a result of exhibiting in the show, her products were stocked by an indie store near Manchester, and later in Fred Aldous, Manchester. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: Good to see someone clearly succeeding with their own designs. Kirstie has shown she should have a good future in stationery ahead of her, setting and achieving goals. Getting her work in Fred Aldous is a big achievement. JF: I like her upbeat approach and how she promotes her work so effectively on social media. NAME: Odin Adargh COMPANY: Brahman Ltd JOB TITLE: Designer, Director ACHIEVEMENTS: While studying Product Design at Central Saint Martins, London, he has crowdfunded the initial investment of £25,000 to manufacture a high-quality ergonomically designed metallic pencil sharpener and a holder to catch the shavings. He has sold over 700 units online and through retailers, turning over more than £35,000 in its first year. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: Love the enthusiasm! I’ve met Odin and he is very tenacious. Not only does he have great ability with product design, he’s displayed real intelligence at taking his product to market. DI:An impressive selection of products, both incredibly simple and traditional yet innovative and gorgeous. JF: Odin has focussed all his passion, determination and care for the environment into the development of an exceptional product, a pencil sharpener with an easily replaceable blade. His motivation to improve the design and sustainability of this everyday object, how he made that happen on a limited budget and then found a route to market, is astonishing for a 22 year old. NAME: Sarah Boyle COMPANY: Stationery Magpie JOB TITLE: Blogger ACHIEVEMENTS: Works with small indie businesses and large stationery suppliers to create content focused purely on stationery, and to review stationery subscription boxes for her blog readers. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: I have come across Stationery Magpie before and it is an impressive piece of work. Sarah clearly has a passion for growing a stationery-loving community. JF: Sarah has only just started out in blogging, and has already carved out a strong position for herself in the blogosphere. She has taken the initiative to attend trade shows in order to network and as a result has forged partnerships with some well-known stationery brands. NAME: Tory Fox-Hill COMPANY: Fox & Moon Ltd. JOB TITLE: Founder, Owner ACHIEVEMENTS: Developed her own range of diet journals in 2016 to fill a gap in the market and has gone on to further expand her planner range. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI:This feels a very competitive part of the market – planners and journals – and Tory has built an impressive social media following.A very specific set of products with a clear target audience in mind. JF:Tory is a hard worker with a product her Instagram fans – all 68,000 of them – clearly love. NAME: TeresaVera COMPANY: Pepper and Cute JOB TITLE: Director, Designer ACHIEVEMENTS: A self-taught designer and illustrator, she designs every product in the Pepper and Cute range. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS:Well done. JF: It’s commendable to read in her entry that Teresa is entirely self-taught in her role as head designer of the product range. However, I don’t get a sense of her knowledge of the wider industry. She certainly displays admirable entrepreneurial skills and I hope Pepper and Cute goes from strength to strength. NAME: Lucy Spence COMPANY: Lucy Maggie Designs JOB TITLE: Illustrator, Publisher ACHIEVEMENTS: In 2016 sold her own- design cards through Etsy and Thortful. Attending her first trade show was the catalyst for success, opening doors to high-street retail. Announced as a Finalist in The Henries 2018. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI: Lucy has shown some impressive sales (13,000Valentine’s Day sales!) as well as striking some notable successes with Oliver Bonas and Joy. JF: Lucy has a full-time marketing job yet finds the time to create all her own designs. It won’t be long until she can jack in the day job and devote all her time to her first love – card design. NAME: Margaux Lefaucheux COMPANY: AF International JOB TITLE: Key Account Manager ACHIEVEMENTS: During three years at AF International she has consistently surpassed targets in her role as European Account Manager. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS: Good effort. JF: I’m not sure of Margaux’s direct involvement in the stationery industry but she is clearly highly regarded by the team member who nominated her. She appears to be a motivated individual with a desire to succeed. NAME: JulienVaissieres COMPANY: BATCHW LTD trading as BATCH.WORKS JOB TITLE: Founder ACHIEVEMENTS: Oversees every element of Batch.Works 3D printed products, from design to manufacture. Started on Etsy and now operates from its 3D printing factory premises at Containerville in Hackney.Won an Etsy Retail Star award in 2016 for his desk accessories collection, and was a LaunchPad winner at London Stationery Show in 2018. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: SS:Terrific achievement.What a talent! DI: Interesting use of 3D printing to tackle the manufacturing process. JF: Julien’s products encapsulate the zeitgeist, combining 3D technology and personalisation with local, sustainable production methods. For me he epitomises the spirit of Thirty Under 30: he is ambitious, makes a great design-led product, and puts environmental sustainability at the heart of the business. NAME: Lara Gioppato COMPANY: Stationery Island JOB TITLE: Product Developer,Visual Marketing Manager ACHIEVEMENTS: Joined Stationery Island as an English-Italian translator in May 2016 and progressed to developing the brand’s first range of products just a few months later. Playing an integral role in growing the brand’s online presence. WHAT THE JUDGES SAID: DI:A very impressive contribution to the company and also stationery. She is certainly on trend with the calligraphy. JF: Lara has played a driving role in the brand’s social media marketing. Since submitting her entry, the company’s Instagram following has risen from 30k to 48.7k. I admire how she’s thrown herself into her career, learning about different steps of the supply chain by visiting suppliers in China. By being so proactive in every area of her role, she shows herself to be a leader in the making.A strong nomination. STAR CHOICE STAR CHOICE STAR CHOICE Photo credit:Twitter @DMG_Office